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An hour of planning can mean more than a lifetime of work.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Don’t make the 10 biggest mistakes thousands of people make every day. We can help you plan for your future before and after retirement.


Social Security Planning

Social Security benefits  provide partial replacement for qualified retirees. We can help you navigate Social Security and create a plan to help you potentially maximize your benefit.

Medicare Specialists

Your smart money plan

We are licensed and independent insurance agents who understand your available options for Medicare, which means we can find the Medicare strategy that’s right for you!

Wealth Management

Take your smart money plan to the next level of wealth management with Smart Asset Plan. We can assist you with your larger investments.

Gordon and Carlene Faueber
Gordon and Carlene Faerber

Founders of Smart Money Plan

"Our strong belief in education and planning has been the foundation of our client’s success.”

With 40 years’ experience and extensive education managing investment decisions for personal and company retirement planning, Gordon and Carlene are experts in IRA/401K planning, Social Security planning, reducing taxes, and maximizing cash flow for their client’s.

Our Goal is to remove the guesswork and pitfalls and to better prepare our clients to meet their financial investment goals. Our Advisory Group works closely with attorneys, CPAs and Certified Financial Planners (CFP).